Social Justice

Social Justice, Activism & Community Work

Deeply involved in social justice and community work, Lotayef was involved in campaigns against the sanctions and war on Iraq, opposing the blockade of Gaza (organizing and being on board the Freedom Flotilla) and advocating for Native Rights, among others. He is also a founder and former chairperson of both "Muslim Awareness Week" (MAW) and the "Non a la loi 21" (#NL21) campaign.

MCQ & Muslim Schools of Montreal

1990s (details to come) 

Islamic Council of Montreal

1990s (details to come) 

The Bulletin

1990s (details to come)

Iraq Factfinding Trip

Dec 2003

CPT Hostage Crisis

In Dec 2005 Lotayef Christian Peacemaker hostage crisis

Trips to Gaza & The West Bank

March 2009 and August 2009

Gaza Freedom March

Dec. 2009 thru Jan. 2010 Gaza Freedom March

Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD)

Freedom Flotilla

2011 Freedom Flotilla II, 2015 Freedom Flotilla III and 2016 Women's Boat to Gaza

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